Qi University - Online Qigong Certification Classes

Qi University is a groundbreaking service that for the first time in history lets you connect with a certified instructor and learn Qigong online from the privacy of your own home or office. Develop yourself, restore your health,  and study with students from all over the world - live. Currently the class is taught by Lineage Instructor Michael Vasquez, 30+ years experience in internal arts (Read More).

We have studied “learning how to learn” for over 30 years and have come to the conclusion that live interactive instruction, in a class-format, is THE ideal way to learn Qigong from home. Inferior training programs reflect more volume of pre-recorded video instruction, a lesser form of learning when compared to live interactive classes. Have you ever considered anything you learned from a DVD, on your own, to be "high-quality"? Contant contact and connection with a teacher is what produces a good student. 

Technology utilized by this site now allows each class member to see the instructor via our HD Webcam, and the instructor to see each student. This way, the instructor can offer suggestions and make corrections just like a real life class. If you have been frustrated with learning Qigong from DVD’s and Books, our service is what you’ve been looking for.

At Qi University, we are willing to personally assist you along your journey of learning the fundamentals in Qigong. Group Leader Certifications, CEU’s, consulting, and Corporate Programs are also available. We also have advanced level Internal Arts programs for Life-path practices, for those whose interests go beyond Qigong Training.

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